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Welcome to our Train the Trainer resource, which was written by the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) for our use.  

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At The Clewer Initiative we help Church of England dioceses respond to modern slavery by raising awareness in their communities and providing support and care to the victims. This training is designed for our church audience, although it can be used more widely, and to give anyone who does it a thorough basis from which to start their work. In two sessions, entitled ‘Trafficking Awareness’ and ‘Spotting the Signs’ it covers the definition of modern slavery, the Modern Slavery Act, the common hallmarks of modern slavery in the UK, and what you should do if you encounter it.

It is a Train the Trainer course, so anyone who undertakes it should be able to deliver it themselves in the future.

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We developed a Train the Trainer resource because we wanted our trainees to be able to easily spread the knowledge they had acquired about modern slavery and how to stop it. We would appreciate you keeping us up to date with those you use the training with, so we can continue to improve the training, and support you and those you train. 

Whenever you do a training, whether it's to a room of 100 or a group of 5, please fill in the form below.