We have a range of brilliant resources to raise awareness of modern slavery and equip the local church and community to get involved. 

Looking for our online Safeguarding and Modern Slavery course? Access it via the Church of England online portal: safeguardingtraining.cofeportal.org

anti-slavery day resources - 18th october 2019

LEt’s talk about modern slavery and homelessness

Find out more about Let’s Talk: www.theclewerinitiative.org/letstalk


Church material



We see you

We created this film to show people in the UK that modern slavery is happening near them. It might be in your nearest town or village, or even in your church. The film features Archbishop Justin Welby, newsreader Julie Etchingham, and a woman called Miriam. Miriam was trafficked to the UK to work as a domestic servant. She worked long hours with no pay. Her traffickers said that they 'owned' her. They even took her to church. No one noticed what Miriam was going through. We want to make sure that can't happen again. We invite you to use this film in your church, or with a local group, to learn how to spot the signs of modern slavery.

Charlie’s Story

Charlie’s story shows us how easy it is for the vulnerable to be preyed upon by traffickers. Charlie was homeless from the age of 14, he became addicted to alcohol and was approached by a man who promised him a steady income, drink and a safe place to say. When Charlie went with him he discovered that all of those promises were lies.

Charlie was exploited repeatedly by traffickers, who always seemed to find him at his most vulnerable. Find out more about how exploiters target the homeless on our Let’s Talk page.

children and young people 

We have worked with Just Enough Group to create lesson plans for five key stages, and collective worship material tailored to primary and secondary school audiences. You can find them all at www.modernslaverylessons.com



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