Friday links: Slavery in car washes, children taken in by football fraud, and our new community resource

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This is how hand car-washes mask modern day slavery

News this week that the Environmental Audit Committee, led by Mary Creagh MP, will begin an investigation into Hand Car Washes, citing their environmental impact as well as the likelihood of abuse of their workers. There could be up to 20,000 hand car washes across the country, with many charging increasingly small amounts to deliver the service. Their proliferation, coupled with the cheap price, has led to many asking if they are being propped up by modern slavery. Read more about our plans to help map the problem here

If the industry is poorly regulated, businesses operate without much oversight from authorities and provide services that are often too good to be realistically possible, it makes a perfect environment for traffickers to operate in.
— Jakub Sobik, Anti-Slavery International

Premier League concerned by children trafficked to UK by football 'fraudsters'

Thomson Reuters reports that ECPAT UK has raised concerns about children being duped by false agents, convincing them and their parents that they have been scouted to play football for Premier League clubs. Once the families are taken in, the 'agents' then extort thousands of pounds from them for airline fees and other bogus charges, before either trafficking and exploiting the children, or abandoning them in the UK. 

Premier League clubs would never ask families from overseas to pay for elite football trials for their children.
— Spokeswoman for the Premier League


Our Project Officer Caroline Virgo shares the story of our new resource 'Hidden Voices' and how we want to use it to help communities respond to the modern slavery in their midst. 

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