Friday links: Slavery in Derbyshire and on ships, and a week of prayer

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Derbyshire trafficker paid 'slaves' 35p an hour

A few different stories from Derbyshire this week, first a trafficker is jailed for 45 months for enslaving five men and forcing them to work for him for as little as 35p an hour. The BBC has a quote from one of the victims who said there was 'nothing he could do'. The Derby Telegraph has an interview with the paramedic who found the victim and guessed something out of the ordinary was going on. She persuaded the police to not take him back to his home address, and instead to find an interpreter and get the whole story. Also in the Derby Telegraph, Chief Superintendent Jim Allen talks about violent crime spilling onto the streets because of the prevalence of modern slavery in the area. 

My gut was telling me that something wasn’t right. I kept telling him it would be okay, and I rang the police. When the policewoman arrived I insisted that he wasn’t to be taken to his home address, and when they got an interpreter on the phone at the police station, it came out that he was a victim of human trafficking.
— Paramedic Diane Bespalyi

UK police rescue nine suspected victims of slavery from British trawlers

A few months ago we held a training on modern slavery in the shipping industry. From the agencies who attended we heard about the complexity of both finding the victims, and getting them to a place of safety. It was heartening this week to hear of the rescue of nine people from a trawler. It is alleged that they worked unlimited hours with little time off for £850-950 a month. 

The men, who were reported to be from Ghana, India and Sri Lanka, were identified when one of the trawlers came in to Portsmouth harbour last Thursday because a crew member had suffered a head injury...

Resources for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2018

Each year Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) creates a resource for a week of prayer for Christian Unity, which typically takes place in January. This year's resource, That All May Be Free, is about slavery and has been written by churches in the Caribbean. It is informed by the history of slavery on the islands as well as modern slavery around the world. It includes daily devotions and an order of service. You can order or download the resource here

The churches of the Caribbean region describe to us their own context, how the hand of God was active in ending slavery, and how God’s mission in the world is a call to us all to unite together in ending injustice, that which casts a shadow from the past and current forms of injustice such as poverty, trafficking and discrimination.
— Bob Fyffe, General Secretary, CTBI

The Clewer Initiative on the Today Programme

On Thursday 14th December Radio 4's Today programme was broadcast live from Lambeth Palace. During the show Archbishop Justin Welby interviewed Miriam, the survivor of modern slavery who features in our film 'We See You', and Bishop Alastair Redfern, the chair of The Clewer Initiative. They talk about Miriam's story, and about why modern slavery has become so prevalent in the UK, and what we can do about it. Listen to the interview here, we're on 1 hour and 20 minutes in, or on Soundcloud here

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