Download the new and improved Safe Car Wash app

Our Safe Car Wash app, which allows drivers to respond to a check list of key factors that may suggest labour exploitation in hand car washes, has been downloaded 8,225 times since we launched it alongside the Santa Marta Group in June last year.

Between June and December 2018, 2,227 entries were made in the app, providing useful intelligence for law enforcement as they tackle the problem of modern slavery in hand car washes. The data has been collated and analysed by the University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab. You can read more about the results of the app here.

Thanks to the work of the University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab, feedback from users, and from the police who are using the data, we have made a few changes to the Safe Car Wash app. We think they will make it even easier to use, and make it a more effective tool for law enforcement.

We’ve introduced a demo mode

One aspect we underestimated when we launched the app was how much people would want to try it out before using it. In the initial app there was an animated walk through that showed you some of the questions, but some people still went through the real version of the app without realising that the results they gave would be logged. In version two we have included a ‘demo mode’. Accessed easily from the home screen, it allows you to take a look at everything you will be asked in advance, so you know what to look out for.

what's changed png.png

We’ve made addresses even more accurate

 The Safe Car Wash app uses geolocation to give us a really accurate picture of where the hand car washes are. Unfortunately, if the geolocation on your phone is slightly off, or if you decide to fill in the app’s questions after you get home, then the address will be wrong. We have now added an extra screen, so you can tell us if the address is incorrect, and then manually type in the correct street, town, and postcode. We know lots of people won’t know the postcode, so street and town are the only required pieces of data.

You can now change your answers

Hit the yes button when you meant no? Worry no more, you can now swipe backwards and forwards through the app’s questions, so any mistakes you made can be easily corrected. We have added arrow symbols next to the titles of each screen, simply swipe left or right over the title to navigate between the questions.

In the eight months since we released the first iteration of the Safe Car Wash App we have learnt so much about how this technology can be used to tackle this most pernicious of crimes. We’re excited to share this new version with you and to see the difference we can make together in the fight against modern slavery. Download the app now by searching ‘Safe Car Wash’ in your smartphone’s app store.