The Clewer Initiative is partnering with Mothers' Union

The Clewer Initiative are proudly working in collaboration with Mothers’ Union, uniting in our goal to end modern slavery by 2030.

Both Mothers’ Union and the Clewer Initiative believe that the tools to end modern slavery already exist within our local communities. We envision that the Church, which is present and at the heart of communities, has a primary responsibility in leading this effort.

Mothers' Union is an international Christian membership movement that aims to demonstrate Christian faith through action. It was founded in 1876 by Mary Sumner, just over twenty years after the foundation of the Clewer Sisters. The movement has a long history of championing the voices of the marginalised and helping everyday people make an extraordinary difference to the world.

Their work today still follows their original model of working through volunteers in communities, which fits perfectly with our vision of helping the Church of England to respond locally to modern slavery. We also both value the importance of building the resilience of those most at risk. We shall be working in equal partnership to set up a body of work to address and raise awareness of the subject. 

We hope this model of partnership will be mirrored at every level, as only by bringing people of all faiths and none, from every sector of society, can we hope to be successful in bringing an end to modern slavery.

The key focus of our work together will be:

  • Identifying and setting up training opportunities, materials and manuals for volunteers, staff and members. We also want to create presentations, posters and video clips to help raise awareness through local groups

  • Producing a credit card sized card to help communities identify and respond safely to potential cases of modern slavery

  • Promote collaboration of our key contacts at national and local level to develop and get involved in local initiatives to identify and prevent modern slavery

  • Create national and local advocacy campaigns that members and others can get involved in to raise awareness of the subject including involvement in Anti-slavery Day and the Safe Car Wash App

  • Establish a prayer network that regularly focuses on this initiative 

Find out more about the Mothers’ Union on their website:

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