7 days of Anti-Slavery Activities

Anti-Slavery day is on Thursday 18th October, and there are so many events happening around it. But why stop at one day? We’ve collated 7 days’ worth of activities, so you can raise awareness of modern slavery and trafficking all week!

Day 1: Monday 15th October

Start the week by learning about an often neglected aspect of modern slavery – the vulnerability of the homeless. We are currently working on a resource specifically about modern slavery and homelessness. Why not watch one of our videos, which tells Charlie’s Story. He was a teenager when he became homeless for the first time, and has spent most of his life being trafficked and exploited. If you are volunteering in a night shelter this winter, please do share the video with your fellow volunteers.

If you’re based in the West Midlands, you can delve even deeper into this topic by going to a modern slavery and homelessness conference in Birmingham.  

Day 2: Tuesday 16th October

How clean is your car? Why not take it for a wash at your local hand car wash, but don’t forget to take the Safe Car Wash App with you! It’s available on Apple and Android phones. When you’re at the car wash, answer the questions about the possible signs of modern slavery. If the App thinks there could be a high likelihood of exploitation going on, don’t forget to ring the Modern Slavery Helpline and pass on the information.

If you are London based, you might be interested to know that Hestia are hosting a talk with Kevin Hyland, who recently stepped down from the post of Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner. You can book in to the event via their website.

Day 3: Wednesday 17th October

The Clewer Initiative launched a year ago today! Take a few minutes to watch ‘We See You’, our launch video featuring Julie Etchingham, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the story of Miriam – a survivor of modern slavery who was taken to church by her traffickers.

Hestia are hosting another talk in London today, this time with Vernon Coaker MP and DCI Phil Brewer from the Met Police. Book in via their website.

Day 4: Thursday 18th October, Anti-Slavery Day

Today’s the day! There’s a huge amount going on. First up, we’re launching our new schools materials (including a musical surprise). The Human Trafficking Foundation are hosting their annual awards ceremony to honour those who are supporting victims and those working in the media to highlight modern slavery. The Wonder Foundation is also hosting an anti-slavery conference for young people and there’s a list of other events below. If you can’t make it to an event, why not mark the day via social media and write a status all about modern slavery?

Diocese of Sheffield: A production of ‘On Demand’, a dance show based on the issues surrounding human trafficking by The Natashas Project.

Diocese of Blackburn: An evening event at All Saint’s Church Hesketh Bank. There will be information all about modern slavery, as well as a time of worship.

Diocese of Canterbury: An awareness raising conference at St Mary Bredin.

Day 5: Friday 19th October

Learn to spot the signs of modern slavery by downloading our Spot the Signs poster. It’s designed to go on the back of a toilet door, for people to read while they’re… otherwise occupied. If you have a free couple of hours, you could also make a sign for tomorrow’s event!

Today the Diocese of Guildford will be hosting the first meeting of their local Anti-Slavery partnership - a big day for their work!

P.S. If you’re Jewish, why not add the Freedom Prayer into your Shabbat? Find it on the Faith to Freedom website.

Day 6: Saturday 20th October

Take a walk and join in with A21’s Walk for Freedom. These walks will be taking place all over the world, and in the UK there are over 30 planned, from Aberdeen to Falmouth. You can see if there is one happening near you on A21’s website. Walking is a simple action, but the visual impact of thousands – maybe even millions – of people taking a stand for the same reason, cannot be underestimated. Our project leads will be joining in Canterbury, Plymouth and Portsmouth, say hello if you spot them!

Day 7: Sunday 21st October


It’s time for Freedom Sunday! If you’re a churchgoer, then see if your church is taking part, and if they’re not, then tell them they should! The Freedom Sunday resource packs are available on our website, or you can look at the full suite of resources they’ve made over the years on the Faith to Freedom website. If you only have room for one thing, we would suggest saying the Freedom Prayer as a congregation.

We know that services will be taking place in churches in the Diocese of Blackburn and the Diocese of Exeter, where they’re trying to get every single church to pray for an end to modern slavery.

And that’s it! A whole week of calling for Freedom. But don’t worry if you missed it, really every day is anti-slavery day, and most of these ideas will work any time of the year. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!