Church of England helps protect young people from modern slavery with new schools resources

In 2017, almost 2000 under-18s in the UK were found to be potential victims of modern slavery. With approximately a million young people being educated in Church of England schools, at The Clewer Initiative we have been thinking about how we can use our Church networks to help protect those children from modern slavery.

Last October a group came together in the Diocese of Derby to tackle the same problem. They came up with a week of collective worship resources exploring what slavery looks like - from the historic Transatlantic Slave Trade to today’s forms of exploitation. They made the series of five assemblies available to primary schools in the diocese, and 50% of schools used them.

Inspired by their pioneering spirit, and the positive feedback they received, we have now joined together with Just Enough UK, an educational charity who have been working in schools for five years, teaching children about tough subjects like modern slavery, radicalisation, and hate crime. They are producing assembly guides and customised lesson plans for all ages that will both raise awareness of modern slavery amongst young people, and help them to protect themselves from becoming victims. The resources will be available for free to every school that wants to spread the word about modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our chair, the Bishop of Derby, Alastair Redfern said he is delighted about the project, and the potential it holds.

Young people are an integral part of the catalyst for change, while at the same time being at risk of becoming victims of trafficking themselves. This project is a chance to prevent human trafficking and modern slavery before it even begins.
— Bishop Alastair Redfern

Phil Knight, the CEO of Just Enough UK, who set up the charity after meeting a young woman who had been trafficked to the UK and sexually exploited, said he is excited to be working with us on the project.

For five years now Just Enough UK has been going into schools all across the UK educating young children on how we can stop modern slavery for future generations. We have done this organically on reputation alone but now partnering with The Clewer Initiative will open our message of a slavery free future to so many schools across this great country that we could not be more excited to be working together.
— Phil Knight

Watch this short video to learn more about Just Enough UK’s work in schools

The resources will be available from a portal on our website and the website of Just Enough UK. We are planning to release them in September. To be the first to know when they go live, we suggest signing up to our mailing list at