So we gave up slavery, what next?

During Lent we ran a challenge called #GiveUpSlavery, but we know modern slavery isn’t beaten yet! We’ve thought up a few different ways to keep your commitment going, which one will you pick?

Keep checking Modern Slavery Statements

In a few of the challenges we looked at the Modern Slavery Statements of the companies we were buying goods from. The statements could be long (or very short!), confusing, or low on detail, and they didn’t always tell us what we wanted to know. Some of us found that the statements were often not prominently displayed on websites, particularly when it came to technology companies. Which is why we need to keep checking them! The more we look at the statements, and ask follow up questions about them, the more companies will know how much the issue of modern slavery matters to us, their customers.

Report your concerns

In week six we learnt the signs of modern slavery. Now we need to put our knowledge into action! Make sure you keep your wallet card with the signs handy so if you are at all concerned you have the number for the Modern Slavery Helpline in your pocket, and you can call them if you need to. Or learn it off by heart: 08000 121 700!

Make an effort to buy ethical

Whether we're buying chocolate or flowers, we’ve learnt through the challenge that we can’t assume our everyday purchases are free from slavery. Instead it’s up to us to do our research and seek out ethical alternatives if we need to. Through the challenge we referred to the Good Shopping Guide and Ethical Consumer to help us make decisions about where to shop. Bookmark them now, as they will continue to be helpful if you want to take this habit on.

Ask more questions

My biggest revelation of the challenge came when I asked my coffee shop outright if they sourced their coffee ethically and all I got were blank stares. That moment was a real wake up call to not rely on online activism (although that can be helpful!), but instead to make sure I am asking questions in person. Firstly because it’s a great way of spreading awareness, but also because it shows you how seriously the company is taking the issue – if they haven’t trained their staff on it, I worry they're not making that much of an effort!

These are just a few ways to keep up your commitment to end slavery, but we know there are loads more! Comment below to let us know what you will be doing, and don’t forget to give us feedback on the #GiveUpSlavery challenge.