Friday links: Healing through the circus, Modern Slavery Helpline report and UK aid in the commonwealth

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Even When I Fall review – remarkable trafficking documentary

Even When I Fall is a new documentary film directed by Sky Neal and Kate McLarnon. They tell the story of trafficking survivors in Nepal, originally trafficked into the circus, the survivors find a way to turn their performance skills into a source of hope rather than pain. Read the review from the Guardian, or a longer piece about their story. The film is being screened in lots of places across the country, find a screening near you here

These young girls... were ashamed of their skills, and were deeply stigmatised, often rejected by their families and communities. But inadvertently these young women were left with a secret weapon: their breathtaking skills as circus artists.
— British circus artist and film co-director Sky Neal

Modern Slavery Helpline releases first annual assessment

The Modern Slavery Helpline is the first port of call for those who want to receive advice or support about modern slavery. It was launched in October of 2016 and this week released its first report, with details about the kinds of calls it receives, how many, and what conclusions we can draw about modern slavery as a result. Take a look at the assessment here

UK aid aims to tackle child labour and trafficking in the Commonwealth

At this week's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London it was announced that £3 million has been pledged to tackle child labour and trafficking across the Commonwealth. The money will be used for a wide range of issues, with half going specifically to combat child labour. The other half will support new legislation in Commonwealth countries, and go towards strengthening law enforcement so they can fight human trafficking more effectively. 

This is a global problem which requires a global response, which is why all countries must unite to end this to make these brutal crimes a thing of the past.
— Amber Rudd, Home Secretary

Towards a Common Future: Achieving SDG 8.7 in the Commonwealth

To align with the Commonwealth Summit, the Walk Free Foundation have released a report called 'Towards A Common Future: Achieving SDG 8.7 in the Commonwealth'. SDG 8.7 refers to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 8 is about providing decent and productive employment for all, and 8.7, one of the sub goals, refers specifically to modern slavery and human trafficking. The report asks what the Commonwealth countries need to do to end these crimes in their countries and gives recommendations calling for more partnership working and the ratification of various UN protocols. Find the report here. 

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Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash