Friday links: Survivor wins leave to remain and all that glitters is not gold

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Modern slavery ruling may lead to more victims getting leave to remain

A survivor of modern slavery from Ghana who has been in the UK since 2003 was facing deportation, until a court ruled that denying him the right to stay would contravene guidance from the Council of Europe’s convention on action against trafficking. Campaigners say this case could make a big difference to future immigration rulings, perhaps leading to more survivors being given leave to remain.  

I still see myself as a slave after all these years. My claim to stay in the UK has not yet been decided and every week I have to go and report to the Home Office. I don’t know what my future holds and I don’t even know what will happen to me in the next minute. I still don’t have my freedom and I’m very afraid.
— Survivor of modern slavery

Valentines special: All that glitters is not gold

Just in time for Valentine's Day, an article about the difficulty of sourcing ethical jewellery, particularly when it comes to mining the gold and diamonds often used for engagement rings. A recent report looking into how jewellery producers are dealing with modern slavery found that many of them don't appear to be engaging as fully as they need to in order to stamp out the problem. Tearfund also interviewed a newly engaged couple to find out how they sourced an ethical ring. 

We have seen an increase in the number of children involved in child labour reported by the ILO, a vast majority of them being in Africa and 12% involved in mining. The ILO states that an estimated 1 million and possibly more children work globally in artisanal and small scale mining in violation of international human rights law.

More children becoming victims of 'brutal' online sex abuse

A harrowing report from Thomson Reuters about just how many children are being sexually exploited, trafficked, and sold online. Charities like International Justice Mission and alliances like WeProtect say there needs to be more pressure on online providers who don't act fast enough on taking down abusive material, or monitoring it in the first place. 

Technology ... is providing offenders with unprecedented access to victims, new capabilities and increasing confidence to abuse children on a mass scale
— Baroness Joanna Shields

Lent challenge week one: not my cup of tea

Our Lent challenge #GiveUpSlavery started this week on Ash Wednesday. The first task was to take a look at where your favourite tea comes from, and whether it is ethically sourced. Catch up with the challenge here

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Photo by Esther Tuttle on Unsplash