Friday links: The business of slavery, arrests in Bristol, and Canadian Anglicans join the fight

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'Human life is more expendable': why slavery has never made more money

To coincide with World Anti-Trafficking Day on 30th July, The Guardian published several articles about modern slavery. This one is about the business of slavery, but we would recommend their moving photo essay, and collection of stories from survivors across the world. 

"It turns out that slavery today is more profitable than I could have imagined. Profits on a per slave basis can range from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars a year, with total annual slavery profits estimated to be as high as $150bn."

Slavery arrests after police raid at Bristol nail bar

This week there were widespread reports of arrests for modern slavery at a nail bar in Bristol, including this one from the BBC. Nail bars, along with hand car washes, are thought to be hot spots for exploitation across the country. There were also concerns in Guildford about whether the police have the resources they need to tackle complex crimes like modern slavery. 

Four people have been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and slavery offences following a raid at a nail bar in Bristol. Officers launched a search on Monday morning after concerns were raised for the welfare of a woman.

Canadian Anglicans step up fight against human trafficking

Good news from the Anglican Communion as the Anglican Church of Canada announced its intention to create a new online hub for resources to fight human trafficking. As if to confirm even further the church's commitment to fighting modern slavery, the Pope also made a statement on the evil of human trafficking, calling it 'an aberrant plague'. 

There’s no question that the Anglican Church has a substantial reach across the country, and that faith communities can play a very important part in educating the public, on bringing people together to really look at grassroots efforts that could combat human trafficking.

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