Friday links: Police working together, slavery at sea, and children in danger

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Police forces combine to target foreign criminals in north east

Police forces in Northumbria, Durham, and Cleveland have come together to specifically target organised crime, including modern slavery. As well as prosecuting offenders, they want to combine their resources to find more victims. 

Northumbria Police assistant chief constable Helen McMillan said: “We will be targeting organised criminality, both foreign nationals and UK residents and those who seek to prey on the vulnerable, either those who are foreign nationals who find themselves here against their will who have been trafficked here, or who find themselves being exploited by organised crime gangs, and those British residents who are either part of that criminality or are victims themselves.”

Modern slavery in UK waters “cannot be tolerated”

Three ships were found to have not paid their workers in months, as well as leaving the crew in terrible conditions. By the time they were found the crew had been drinking sea water for 10 days and the only food they had was out of date. Find out how you can support seafarers at risk of exploitation at our Train the Trainer event on 9th October in Portsmouth

The crew consisted of five Turkish crew, two Indians and two Georgians. None of them had been paid for three months, but the Indian crew had not been paid since joining in September and October 2016, and had had to pay to even get the jobs. One of the contracts was for $250 a month.

The Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner is recruiting

The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner plays a big role in keeping modern slavery high on the agenda for statutory agencies. You could be part of his team! They're looking for an International Engagement Policy Officer and a Labour Market and Private Sector Policy Lead. Move quickly, applications close on 23rd July. 

Both of these positions offer an exciting opportunity to work on an issue that has quickly risen up national and international political agendas.

Man appears in court in chesterfield on modern slavery charge

A huge search for two missing Vietnamese girls in York culminated in the arrest of a man on modern slavery charges. 

Le Luong, 28, from South Street, Buxton, was arrested last week in connection with the North Yorkshire Police investigation into the disappearance of Tram Le and Thi Pan. The girls went missing for almost a week on Sunday, July 9, launching a manhunt which saw North Yorkshire Police work with forces around the country.

Exploiting children in orphanages recognised as trafficking

The influential Trafficking in Persons Report, produced by the United States government, has named orphanages as a destination for trafficked children for the first time. This article from Martin Punaks from JK Rowling's charity Lumos, explains why that distinction is so important. 

Children in orphanages are sexually exploited, forced to beg (akin to child labour), kept in slavery-like conditions, and exploited in many other ways.