Children's Anti-Slavery pledges lead Lent campaign, #40goodchoices

Pledges of schoolchildren across Derbyshire made at the first Children’s Modern Slavery Summit are leading the Diocese of Derby’s ’40 Days of Good Choices’ campaign for Lent.

Listening to stories of how people across the world are exploited growing the food we eat and making the clothes we wear, the children also had an opportunity to learn about modern slavery in the UK, often hidden in plain sight, perhaps in a car wash or nail bar.

As part of the conference, the children were asked what they thought we should do about it? 

Their suggestions ranged from personal actions they wanted to take, like hosting a class council on modern slavery, to general advice like buying Fairtrade food. 

Pledges made by children at the Children's Modern Slavery Summit in Derby

Pledges made by children at the Children's Modern Slavery Summit in Derby

The pledges they made are a great example to children and adults alike, showing how we can all make better, informed choices about the goods we buy. Do we know who made our clothes or picked our bananas? What conditions they work in? 

They also reveal how we all have spheres of influence and people we can talk to in order to raise awareness of the crime of modern slavery. Some children pledged to speak to their parents about what they were buying and ask if they were making the most ethical choices. Others said they would tell more children at school about the issue. 

The simplicity of these pledges creates the perfect foundation for a Lent campaign that everyone can get involved in. For more inspiration, follow Diocese of Derby on Twitter or Facebook, or share your own good choices using the hashtags #40GoodChoices #LiveLent.