Friday links: Human Rights Shabbat, county lines convictions, and abuse online

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Human Rights Shabbat Resources

The Jewish Human Rights charity René Cassin are encouraging Jewish communities to commemorate World Human Rights Day (10th December) by using their resource pack on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in their Shabbat. The pack combines information about modern slavery, sermon notes, case studies, children's resources and a 12-month Anti-Slavery Supporter Calendar with actions to take throughout the year. You can download the pack here, and read an article about it by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis here

The foundations of Jewish belief stand on the principle that all people are created in the image of God and every single person, deserves to be treated with respect. Speaking out against the flagrant violations of human dignity implicit in this crime, should be in our DNA. That is why slavery demands our urgent attention. If we do nothing, we remain a part of the problem, but, if we act, we can begin to end the scourge of modern-day slavery.
— Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Pair guilty of human trafficking after drugs raid in UK legal first

For the first time in the UK, two men have been convicted of human trafficking for drugs-related offences. The men ran a 'county line', a drug network that in its typical form will begin in London and reach out into county or coastal towns. They often involve exploiting young and vulnerable people, in this case a 19 year old woman who was recruited via social media, lured into a car, driven to Swansea and then forced to look after drugs for five days. 

Drug supply is not new, however the exploitation of vulnerable young people by criminal networks, to move and supply drugs across the country, takes this offending to a new level.
— Det Supt Tim Champion, Metropolitan police lead for county lines investigations

UK mass arrests for online child sex abuse stoke trafficking fears

Reuters reports that arrests for online child sex abuse have 'stoked fears about the growing online exploitation and trafficking of children in Britain'. Although none of these arrests were in connection with trafficking, anti-trafficking groups are alarmed by the expansion of online abuse as the two crimes are often connected, with many children being trafficked before they are exploited. 

Millions of children around the world are in danger as increased technology, access to the internet and the dark web make the live streaming of child sexual abuse easier.
— David Westlake, International Justice Mission


In case you missed it, last week we released a video aimed at people volunteering in homeless shelters over the winter months. Many homeless people are at risk of modern slavery because of their vulnerability, so please do share the video if you know of anyone running or volunteering in a shelter.  

When people are in such a desperate situation, you’re at such a low ebb in terms of your confidence, self-esteem, your self-worth, and you’re prime to being exploited.
— Mark Brennan, Shelter Projects Coordinator, Housing Justice

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Photo by Paul Paul on Unsplash