Friday links: Mapping the UK's Anti-Slavery Partnerships and hearing survivor stories

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Collaborating for freedom: Anti-Slavery partnerships

On Thursday 9th November, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner launched 'Collaborating for Freedom', a report into anti-slavery partnerships in the UK, itself a collaboration with the University of Nottingham's Rights Lab. The report aimed to catalogue all the partnerships currently active around the UK, and find out what a successful model for partnership looks like. There were wide variations between the different partnerships, and we would recommend reading the full report (pdf) , which includes case studies of good practice. Even more though, we suggest you take a look at the interactive map which the Rights Lab has created. It shows all the partnerships geographically and allows you to filter by who chairs them, who coordinates them, and what activities they take part in. 

Slaves on our Streets: Woman kidnapped by boyfriend and forced into sex work in London shares her story

The Evening Standard and the Independent continue their Slaves on our Streets campaign with survivor stories, sharing how ordinary people ended up being trapped in exploitation. Hannah was forced into sex work by her supposed boyfriend, and you might have missed Anne's story. She was exploited as a domestic servant for a Saudi family living in London. 

I don’t want people to look at me and feel pity. For me, it’s like a light. This has passed, and I’m still alive. I thank God and the universe. He gave me this lesson, and I want to help prevent this happening to someone else.
— Hannah, a survivor of modern slavery

Modern slavery seeps through murky world of Britain's car washes

The Thomson Reuters foundation explores the phenomenon of slavery in Britain's car washes in this feature. They spoke to Lys Ford from the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority, who recently gave a training with us on slavery in hand car washes. They also spoke to charity Hope for Justice, the police, Kevin Hyland, and the Modern Slavery Helpline. All agree that slavery in hand car washes is a big problem which is not yet being dealt with.  

This is modern slavery on an industrial scale. The government and the police are not yet aware of the extent of car wash slavery. It has exploded because workers are being underpaid or not paid at all - creating an environment ripe for exploitation.
— Lys Ford, Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority

Polish nationals charged over modern slavery after group 'trafficked from homeland'

A group of nine people have been charged with modern slavery offences after appearing in Birmingham Crown Court on 6th and 7th November. They are alleged to have exploited up to 80 Polish nationals in the UK. An investigation by West Midlands Police found that the group had controlled bank accounts in their victims’ names and stolen their wages. 

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Photo by Dennis Kummer on Unsplash