Friday links: Are trafficking victims being arrested and Freedom Sunday in French

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Trafficking victims 'being wrongly sent to immigration detention centres'

A report written by the charity Detention Action suggests that victims of trafficking, instead of being given support and help by the government, are instead being arrested and detained in detention centres for immigration offences. They followed a small sample of 16 Vietnamese men, all who had stories that would suggest they had been trafficked. Of the 16, 9 were referred to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM), the government's system of support for trafficking victims. Only 2 were accepted and received support. This report follows sustained criticism of the NRM by charities and Kevin Hyland, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner who described it as 'a mess'. In October the Home Office proposed several changes to the system, which you can read more about here.  

Locked up in prison-like conditions, detained victims of trafficking lack access to independent specialist advice, support and representation. This Home Office conflict of interest, along with the limited access to independent, specialist support, advice and referrals, can compromise the fairness of the process.
— Report from Detention Action

Multilingual Freedom Sunday resources released by the Anglican Alliance

Our friends at the Anglican Alliance have made it even easier for churches across the world to celebrate Freedom Sunday by translating the resource into French, Spanish and Portuguese. They are encouraging churches and faith communities to celebrate Freedom Sunday on Sunday 2nd December - the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, but the pack is adaptable and could be used any Sunday of the year. Download the packs in all the languages from the Anglican Alliance website

From catering to coding, jobs help survivors of slavery to rebuild lives

A feature by Thomson Reuters into various initiatives around the world which are helping survivors of modern slavery into work. Many survivors need an extended period of time to recover from the trauma of their experience, but getting into the workplace in safe and stable employment can be a big step on the road to recovery. The piece quotes Phill Clayton, who works with UK charity City Hearts. They recently set up a partnership with the Co-op supermarket, creating a dedicated programme for survivors of modern slavery to work in their stores. 

Some people are at first very overwhelmed at work ... they may have panic attacks or mental health issues and have to take a break and seek help.
— Phill Clayton, City Hearts

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Photo by Feifei Peng on Unsplash