The Diocese of Lincoln is a diocese with a lot of history, typified by the elaborate and uplifting sight of Lincoln Cathedral, which towers over the city in which it sits.

But the Diocese is also home to modern industries, producing a huge amount of the nation’s food through its large agricultural industry, and linking in with the shipping industry through the port town of Grimsby. Lincolnshire is a county of beautiful landscapes, but it also has areas of deep deprivation, where communities are struggling to survive.

Lincoln was also home to one of the most high profile prosecutions for modern slavery, thanks to the conviction of 11 members of the Rooney family in 2017. They exploited homeless men over a number of years, forcing them to do manual labour such as tarmacking and paving.

Key Dates

february 2018

The Cathedral hosts a modern slavery summit, with over 80 people in attendance to learn about modern slavery.

september 2018

The Cathedral holds a conference specifically on modern slavery in a rural context.

December 2018

The Cathedral hosts an advent calendar with one day to raise awareness of modern slavery.

january 2019

A visit to a farm and food processing plant in the Lincolnshire area to learn about risks in supply chains.

training in lincoln

We have developed a special training package, just for raising awareness of modern slavery in the Diocese of Lincoln. Download the PowerPoint and Script to use with your church or local group. The training covers the definition of modern slavery, how people end up being exploited, information about cases in Lincoln, and how you can help end modern slavery in your local community.

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