The Diocese of Durham is the Church of England from the River Tyne in the North; to the River Tees in the South; the Durham Dales in the West; and to the Sea in the East.

Serving a population of nearly 1.5 million, the mission of the Diocese of Durham is to bless their communities in Jesus’ name for the transformation of  all. They are focusing their energies on three priorities: Children & Young People, Poverty, and Church Growth.

In their work on modern slavery they have a real heart for the victims and survivors, and they hope to provide pastoral support to those who have been rescued from modern slavery. 

Key Dates

september 2017

Revd Gemma Sampson becomes the official project lead in the diocese

july 2017

The diocese held a series of events raising awareness of modern slavery.

March 2019

A meeting in Durham for clergy who are interested in joining the anti-slavery work.


Meet the Project Lead

Revd Gemma Sampson, a curate of two churches in Hartlepool, is our project lead for the Diocese of Durham. Gemma was ordained as a priest in 2016. Originally from Coventry, she has been living in Hartlepool for two and a half years. To hear more from her about why she thinks ending modern slavery is so important, and what she has planned for the diocese in the next few months, read an interview with her on our blog

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It’s just completely unacceptable that there would ever be a price tag on a human being. We’re made in the image of God! You can’t buy a person, it’s outrageous. But also I think it’s a real gospel imperative, to set the captives free. Jesus talks about it all the time.

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Revd Gemma Sampson

07780 675322

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